Content Management System

CMS - A content management systemWhy a Content Management System

One of the most effective ways for a business, charity or non-profit to curtail their website costs is to maintain their content themselves. You see there are two parts to a website, the design (e.g., the colors, fonts, layout) and the content (e.g., information about your company, photos, services). While it tak ses technical expertise to handle the design if you know how to use Word (or any other word processing package) and can copy and paste, you can maintain the content of your website. Furthermore, adding photos or other media is as easy as uploading as you would on Facebook. Therefore, if you use a content management system, you can save on your website maintenance costs by updating your content yourself. Furthermore, if you are a bit adventurous, you can even have me do the design and you add the content from scratch, saving on your website creation costs too!

WordPress as a CMS

There are many different products out there to develop content management systems but I prefer WordPress. With a variety of flexible themes and plugins, I can quickly and efficiently develop a website for you that will meet your design requirements and website presence needs at minimal costs to you. Furthermore, ¬†WordPress lends itself to CMS design by providing an easy to use editor and the ability to create different user profiles with different security levels. This means, if you choose, you can have some users write content, others that approve it and no one can change an area of the site for which they are not responsible. It’s incredibly flexible.

Don’t Have Time to Maintain Your Content?

That’s okay. While CMS are great, sometimes you don’t have the manpower or the desire to maintain your own website. You do not need to worry. For a minimal fee I can maintain your site either via a discounted monthly fee or on an as needed basis.

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