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One of the things I love is the challenge of learning something new, figuring out a problem and solving it through research, trial error and a bit of creativity. That’s probably why I liked programming so much. Most people view it as something boring, logical and tedious but to me, creating a good, solid program was like creating a piece of art.

Back in the day, doing this was easier, most of us worked on one platform, in one language that we mastered. Today, though, in the field of Web Design, you can find yourself working on a myriad of platforms and architecture, with a dozen different languages – there’s so much to learn and know that it can be difficult keeping track of all that knowledge and skills.

So I figured I’d start to write a blog about things I’ve tried and things I’ve learned along the way. I hope though that it becomes a resource to others walking similar paths. So below you’ll my most recent blog posts.  If you’d like a complete index look here: Blog Index. I hope you find these articles helpful.

Articles on Web Design